BBBEE Consulting Services

Systems development, management, and administration of the BBBEE Assessment processes towards gaining BBBEE Verification.

Supplier Verification Services

Capacity Building and Training on Specific Compliance Areas

How We Operate.

We offer all services on a project-based or on a monthly retainer basis.

Our monthly retainer option allows you:

  • Unlimited access to all templates available on our system as specified under Legal Compliance and Reporting as well as having access to our competent team for advice and support.
  • 2 contact sessions per quarter with a team member for advice and clarification.
  • Access to our database with up-to-date legislation and amendments that may impact you.
  • Have your own cloud storage facility within our Storage space.

BBBEE Strategic Consulting

  • Self-assessment to determine current BBBEE Status in line with relevant sector charters
  • Preparation of BBBEE verification documents in preparation for BBBEE audit
  • Design of relevant tools, systems and templates to improve governance and administration on each element of BBBEE compliance in line with the legislative requirements.
  • Overall management and facilitation services to co-ordinate internal efforts regarding BBBEE compliance.

Strategy and Policy Development

  • Facilitation of key strategic business assessments towards:
    • Improving Productivity
    • Gaining Competitive Advantage
    • Improved Supply Chain Management
    • Systems and Processes refinement – using digital transformation solutions and cost-saving modules
    • Improved Team and Inter-Personal Dynamics
    • Managing Conflict and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Design and Development of key policies where required e.g.
    • Succession Planning
    • BBBEE
    • Employment Equity
    • Supplier and Enterprise Development
    • Preferential Procurement
    • Remuneration
    • Discipline and Grievance
  • Strategy and Process Design based on client-specific requirements.

Legal Compliance and Reporting

  • Employment Equity Compliance facilitated with detailed procedures, measurements and tools to ensure consistent monitoring and auditability.
  • Compliance with National Skills Development Act – specifically:
    • Provision of Skills Development Facilitator role to successfully submit the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report
    • To provide information on industry trends and skills gaps.
    • Conduct annual skills audit and provide details of internal skills gaps and assist with the training information for the finalization of individual development plans for staff.
    • Assist with applications for additional discretionary where applicable from the relevant SETA to assist with achieving training goals.
  • Provision of electronic tools and systems to maintain Human Resources Administration compliance and standards within a company e.g.
    • Tools to manage disciplinary and grievance incidents
    • Templates for Employment Equity compliance i.e. template for minutes, schedule to monitor composition of EE Committee, template for register, template for Employment Equity Analysis, template for Employment Equity planning, etc.
    • Template Employment Contract
    • Templates of Policies and Procedures that can be customized for each customer.